Tropic Seafood is preparing for a potential Nassau grouper spawning event towards the end of June. A proprietary method for timing control of the spawning event, has been in development for years, and this method utilizes no hormonal injections or invasive stimuli. Additionally, 10,000 gallon deep water broodstock tanks are being re-surfaced and populations of rotifers (microscopic larval grouper food) are being ramped up for the upcoming spawning event.








It’s exciting to witness the Nassau grouper starting to spawn in captivity.  The broodstock seem to get in the spirit of the event, as their behavior changes dramatically, and they race through the water with a fervor, with many male grouper following close behind the females. The male and female grouper will race upward through the water column in a swirling motion, while releasing gametes (sperm and eggs) into the water. Ultimately this activity ends with the fish bursting through the water’s surface and sometimes becoming airborne.

During this entire “moon dance” routine, the Nassau grouper will have changed color from their normal striped pattern, to one where they are almost black on top and white on the bottom, with a white streak running laterally on both sides of their heads through their eyes.