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Lane Snapper

Lane snapper (Lutjanus synagris) are harvested by net (seine) in Bahamian waters by commercial fishermen. This highly desirable and delicious fish is sold in 50lb bulk boxes. Each fish is scaled, gutted, cleaned (with ice cold ozonated water) and placed inside a poly sleeve before being blast frozen overnight at a temperature of -20 °F. Each fish goes through metal detection before being boxed.

The product is sold as Whole, Cleaned, Head-On and Scaled. It is available in four sizes: 4-7 oz, 7-12 oz, 12-16 oz and 16-28 oz.

Lane snapper are easily distinguished from other snapper because of their silvery-pink to reddish color with short, irregular pink and yellow lines on its sides. They have a diffuse black spot, about as large as the eye toward their tail on the dorsal area.

Juvenile lane snapper are found inshore over grass beds or shallow reefs. Adults are typically found offshore and are most common in the Bahamas.

Lane Snapper