Like a snap of your finger, it seems our lives have changed from normal day-to-day to life with COVID-19. PPE, face masks and social distancing are now a part of the everyday routine at Tropic Seafood. Tropic has always enforced face masks, hand sanitizing, boot washing and non-cross contamination procedures, but today these same sanitation protocols are being utilized by non-production staff and management. Jon Chaiton, Director of Quality Assurance and Food Safety, stated “seeing workers wearing face masks has always been the routine at Tropic Seafood, so nothing seems too unusual. Only now our workers must maintain a 6 foot distance on our production floor.” Thus far, Tropic Seafood has been one of the fortunate businesses able to keep the doors open, as many others have had close during the COVID-19 pandemic. Regular conch, fish, and lobster processing is continuing to taking place on a daily basis, while our managers and administrators practice social distancing and the utilization of personal protective equipment.

Spiny Lobster season ended March 31, 2020, however tail processing from the open season lasted through May. As businesses from all over the world return to work, Tropic Seafood is preparing to go into their summer maintenance mode for upgrades, special projects and annual re-certifications.

Tropic Seafood is very much looking forward to digging into special projects this summer, which include: upgrades to water cooling systems, degassing systems, refurbishment of thawing and culture tanks and new floor coverings in some areas.