NASSAU, Bahamas  (July 8, 2017) Tropic Seafood is now culturing Japanese/Korean Olive Flounder (also known as “Hirami” in the sushi and sashimi restaurants) with very positive results.

To date, three groups of juvenile or fingerling Olive Flounder have been received by Tropic Seafood, and are on their way to being cultured.  Growth and survival have been great with test marketing of both fresh and live fish being conducted.  The Olive Flounder held and maintained at Tropic Seafood are kept in a closed water system with strict bio-security, so there is no chance of introducing an exotic species to the Bahamian water.

The flounder are growing to about 1.0 – 1.5 kg per 12 months, and being a cousin to the Alaskan halibut, can grow up to four feet in length.  Spawning is controlled by temperature and both the hatchery and grow-out technology for this species are well understood as the Japanese and Koreans have been growing this fish for the past 40 years.

Bahamas Aquaculture Flounder