New American Red Snapper fingerlings weighing in at only 1-gram each, have arrived at our Tropic Seafood facility in Nassau, Bahamas.  It will take approximately one year for each of these fingerlings to reach two pounds, as they mature indoors in above-ground seawater tanks. Tropic Seafood expects excellent survival rates, fast growth, and very good food conversion ratios (FCR= how many pounds of fish growth are realized for each pound of food they receive).

This batch of fingerlings is the second grouping to be cultured at Tropic. The first was received last October, and has already reached an average size of 1 lb. The snapper fingerlings arrived packaged within chilled plastic bags, and inside boxes. The bags were placed inside to float in the tanks and acclimate to the culture and water temperature. This approach limits stress that the fish may experience when changing environments. Holes were cut in the bags and water poured from the tank into the bags, to acclimate the fish and aerate the water.

American Red Snapper is proving to be an excellent candidate for commercial farming consideration in the Bahamas.

Stay tuned to learn more as we monitor growth of our new residents!