Why Tropic?

Tropic Seafood takes pride in how our lobster tails are processed, from the sea to the plate. Our lobsters are harvested from the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas and then processed at our modern state-of-the-art Nassau, Bahamas, facility.

We have spared no expense to ensure that our products are processed according to all HACCP and European Union standards. Utilizing reverse osmosis, we process our lobster tails in the purest quality water available today, and have recently completed installation of a new ozone system (the first in our industry) that further enhances our ability to deliver the cleanest tails to our world-wide customers.

Tropic Seafood performs ongoing, internal lab testing that enables us to consistently obtain the highest inspection scores on customer and third party inspections.

Tropic Seafood, Ltd., participates in the “Global Food Safety Initiative” (GFSI) and has elected to comply with one of the most stringent “Food Safety Programs” in the world, “The British Retail Consortium” or “BRC” as it is commonly called.

For the past four years Tropic Seafood, Ltd., has earned a grade of “A” within the inspection and compliance system of BRC. Our latest inspection in November 2015 earned Tropic Seafood, Ltd., a grade of AA (or A+), which is almost unheard of in the food industry.

Jon Chaiton, Director of Quality Assurance for Tropic Seafood, Ltd., states “Earning a grade of AA from the BRC was quite an accomplishment. Definitely a group effort. Real teamwork. Attaining this level of food safety is all about having your staff and facility practice strict food safety controls on a daily basis. Passing a BRC inspection and obtaining this rating is not something that can be accomplished by “sweeping dirt under the rug to hide it”. With BRC, there simply can be no dirt.”

Although the BRC follows the United States Food and Drug Administration’s (USFDA) Hazard Analysis, Critical Control Point (HACCP) program for food safety, it goes much further than this. Detailed handling and processing record keeping, traceability (both forward and back) for lobster suppliers, ingredients, freezing, packaging and facility maintenance are just the tip of the iceberg for the BRC inspectors.

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Take a tour of Tropic Seafood below:

Tropic Seafood processes and packages Island Queen® and Island Prince® brand lobster tails, conch, snapper and other seafood products for world-wide markets at our state-of-the-art Nassau, Bahamas facility competed in 2000. Tropic Seafood is the largest lobster tail processor in the Bahamas.
We have a computerized central ammonia refrigeration system to assure stable, freezing temperatures. Our high-capacity freezers accommondate both racked and bulk storage.
Inside our blast freezers are specifically engineered high-velocity fans that carefully control the freezing process of the finished product.
Custom-built thaw tanks ensure proper temperatures and adequate water circulation at all times.
Tropic Seafood's world-class operation meets all HAACP and European Union standards. We consistently obtain the highest scores on customer and third-party inspections. Our finished products are sold throughout North America, Europe and Asia.
Tropic Seafood maintains a spotless production facility with the most modern equipment for optimal sanitation and maximum efficiency.
Our automated grading machines assure accuracy in sizing our customers' individual needs. The Quality Control department oversees our processes every step of the way. Only 1st quality product carries the Island Queen® brand.
Tropic Seafood receives product on a totally enclosed dock. This ensures protection from extreme outdoor temperatures and increases security of the product during the shipping and receiving phases.
The refrigeration system at Tropic Seafood is one of the most modern, up-to-date systems in the world. Our computerized system is a self-diagnosing, fully-automated, controlled and monitored system.
Employee morale is very important at Tropic Seafood. We have found that motivated employees produce higher-quality products with greater efficiencies. In addition to our full-facility break room, we have individual lockers, shower facilities and multiple washing stations.
Tropic Seafood uses reverse osmosis to obtain the purest quality water available today.