Tropic Seafood Delivers Only the Finest Quality Lobster Tails!

Tropic Seafood processes and packages Island Queen® Brand lobster tails for world-wide markets in our state-of-the-art Nassau, Bahamas facility.

Tropic Seafood takes pride in how our lobster tails are processed, from the sea to the plate. Our lobsters are harvested from the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas and then processed at our modern state-of-the-art Nassau, Bahamas, facility.

We have received our BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification with an “A” rating for our spiny lobster tails.  This is recognized as not only the highest level of excellence that can be achieved, but also unique in the fact that only a few seafood companies in the entire world have obtained this certification and even fewer have received an “A” rating, two years in row.  With standards like this we assure our customers we have developed the highest standard for handling the lobsters.  In addition, we are utilizing reverse osmosis while processing our lobster tails in the purest quality water available today, and have recently completed installation of a new ozone system (the first in our industry) that further enhances our ability to deliver the cleanest tails to our world-wide customers. Other certifications that our staff at Tropic Seafood carry include, USFDA HACCP Certification, USDA HACCP Certification, Department of Marine Resources, Nassau, Bahamas, HACCP Certification and Department of Marine Resources Sanitation Certification.

Finally, Tropic Seafood does not use any sanitation chemicals such as chlorine, quaternary ammonia or iodofores in their cleaning processes. We generate our own ozone gas which is injected to the water stream that enters the processing room environment, in order to sanitize the product, the workers and the environment. No residual ozone remains as this molecule reverts back to oxygen within 20 minutes if not entirely used up during the sanitation process. Tropic Seafood has been solely using ozone as its choice for sanitation for the past 5 years and has just purchased and installed a new ozone generator, based on our successful sanitation program as evidenced over the past 5 years. The new ozone generator uses the latest in ozone technology called “Plasma Cloud Technology” as the means to generate ozone, as opposed to “Corona Discharge” which used to be the standard for the industry. This improvement allows Tropic Seafood to “dial-in” the exact amount of ozone that is injected into the water stream, without significant variation. The result is processing water that is both safe and effective in killing bacteria and pathogens.

Tropic Seafood performs ongoing, internal lab testing that enables us to consistently obtain the highest inspection scores on customer and third party inspections.