Tropic Seafood at the North Pole

Temperatures at Earth’s frigid North Pole range from −45°F to −15°F (−43°C to −26°C), perhaps averaging around −34°C (−29°F). In the height of the summer (June, July and August) it heats up to a relatively balmy 0 °C, or 32 °F. (wikipedia.com). In April of 2015, businessman Mark Roberts and his friend and partner-in-ice Shaune Adderley became the second and third Bahamians to set foot in the arctic North Pole as part of a 6-member New Zealand expedition team. The first Bahamian to make the journey was artist and NYC resident Tavares Strachan in 2013.



“On Top of the World” Tribune article

After a 100-mile long skiing trek, the team reached the official North Pole where Roberts and Adderley planted the Bahamian flag. Then, severe weather including blizzards stranded them on the ice cap, and they were later rescued and removed to a Russian base camp to await an air lift back to

Coming from The Bahamas, an island archipelago nation famed for “sun, sand and sea”, these island boys are used to an average temperature of 73°F (23°C) in April. Opportunities to really experience the blinding cold while also exerting the physical effort of skiing for long periods of time, would be few and far between. Says Mark Roberts,

You can’t really train for the cold. We were fortunate because Tropic Seafood let us come into their freezers for two days worth of training so that we could test our gear. The critical thing we could do is purchase the right equipment and the right gear. We would have seven layers on and we did a lot of physical training. Our longest gym workouts were four hours and we did the elliptical machine because we will be skiing 12 hours a day to make 120 hour journey to get to the North Pole.” (caribbean360.com)

Tropic Seafood features top-of-the-line freezer equipment to blast-freeze fresh Bahamian seafood and then store it at a consistent temperature to guarantee quality. In addition to their grueling physical workouts, Mark and Shaune got a taste of the cold when they completed two (2) sessions at Tropic Seafood, once in the storage freezer for one (1) hour at -10F° (-23.3°C) and a later session of a half hour in the blast freezer at -25°F (-31.7°C).


Bahamas North Pole Explorers interview – 2015
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Interview by Robert Carron of the Tribune Media Group


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