Our Export Products

Island Queen® “Premium Bahamian Lobster Tail”

Caught in the clear-blue pristine waters of the Bahamas, this spiny lobster brings forth a sweet-tasting, firm tail that is superior in taste, texture, and appearance to all other lobster tails. Each tail is completely filled with succulent white-meat, brimming with delicious flavor. Sizes range from 4.2 ounces to 20 ounces. The tails are individually poly-bagged and packed in 4/10lb cartons per master case.

Island Prince® “Bahamian Lobster Tail”

Island Prince brings an excellent value to our spiny lobster. It meets the growing demand for good quality tails at an affordable price. These tails have passed a rigorous quality control checklist to ensure your satisfaction. Sizes range from 4.2 ounces to 20 ounces. The tails are individually poly-bagged and packed in 4/10lb cartons per master case.

Island Queen® “Whole Frozen at Sea”

Commercial Bahamian lobster fishermen, who have been specially selected and trained by Tropic Seafood, Ltd., Quality Assurance staff, produce “ Whole-Green (raw) Frozen Lobster, Packed at Sea”.

Once the trap-caught wild lobsters are harvested, they are immediately graded, bagged and boxed, then placed in 10 kilo boxes.  The boxes are place into a blast freezer (temperatures down to -20  °F) to obtain an immediate hard-freeze.  This helps to ensure the highest quality product possible.

After blast overnight blast freezing, the whole green frozen lobster cases are stored in a storage freezer (usually 5-15 days) until the vessel arrives in port to unload.

Upon landing, all product is inspected and tested for compliance with quality, weight, packaging, labeling and microbiological specifications before being received by Tropic Seafood, Ltd (TSL). Cases are stored at TSL until sold and shipped by ocean freight to their destinations.

Island Queen® “Live Lobster”

Wild caught spiny lobsters are harvested by Bahamian commercial fishermen from traps.  The lobsters are transported in “live wells” onboard their vessels until they reach port. Lobsters are then transported via boat and/or truck to Tropic Seafood, Ltd. (TSL), where they are placed in “live lobster holding tanks”.

Live lobsters are sold both locally and exported to Asia or Europe, to satisfy a growing “live market”. Lobsters are carefully harvested from TSL live tanks and placed in chill tanks in order to slow down their metabolism. After they reach a state of hibernation, they are graded and dry packed in specially modified insulated boxes, using a non-toxic wood fiber media from the Aspen tree, in order to survive long transit times (up to 48 hours in duration) from Nassau to Asia. Boxes will hold either 15 or 18 kilos depending which box is used. Lobster survival over 95% is required to cover these special handing materials and associated transportation costs.

Island Queen® “Stone Crab Claws”

The stone crab fishery in the Bahamas is sustainable.  Stone crabs are caught in specifically designed traps (that do not catch other species), just for stone crabs.  When fishermen bring the traps to the surface, they remove the live crabs and then break off one of the claws (the larger claw of the two big pinchers). The other claw is left alone so that when the crab is put back in the ocean, it will be able to defend itself and feed itself. The claw that was removed grows back as soon the crab molts. (Molting is the process where the crustacean literally climbs out of its shell in order to grow.  It will have a soft shell underneath the old shell.  When the new shell comes in contact with the sea water, the shell will rapidly inflate with water and harden.)

The size of the harvested stone crab claw will vary.  There are 5 size categories:
2.1 oz – 3.0 oz = Medium Grade
3.1 oz – 5.0 oz = Large Grade
5.1 oz – 8.0 oz = Jumbo Grade
8.1 oz – 10.0 oz = Colossal Grade
10.1 oz + up = Super Colossal Grade

Stone crab claws are cooked onboard the vessel (processed at sea) in order to lock in freshness and quality. They simply need to be thawed in the refrigerator before use, and then re-heated before eating.

Island Queen® “Lane Snapper”

Lane snapper (Lutjanus synagris) are harvested by net (seine) in Bahamian waters by commercial fishermen. This highly desirable and delicious fish is sold in 50lb bulk boxes.  Each fish is scaled, gutted, cleaned (with ice cold ozonated water) and placed inside a poly sleeve before being blast frozen overnight at a temperature of  -20 °F. Each fish goes through metal detection before being boxed.

The product is sold as Whole, Cleaned, Head-On and Scaled. It is available in four sizes:  4-7 oz, 7-12 oz, 12-16 oz and 16-28 oz.

Lane snapper are easily distinguished from other snapper because of their silvery-pink to reddish color with short, irregular pink and yellow lines on its sides. They have a diffuse black spot, about as large as the eye toward their tail on the dorsal area.

Juvenile lane snapper are found inshore over grass beds or shallow reefs. Adults are typically found offshore and are most common in the Bahamas.

Island Queen® “#1 Cleaned Bahamian Conch”

This delicious marine species, Strombus gigas is only found in the warm waters of the Caribbean. It is cleaned, trimmed, and packed with 100% usable meat. Only unblemished, white-meat conch that passes our rigid quality control standards can earn the Island Queen® name. Each case contains 10/5lb bags.